Cigar City Trilogy


Written by  Loy Glenn Westfall.
Published by Cigar City, U.S.A., Inc. This Trilogy is a unique collectors series for cigar aficionados. It is profusely illustrated with rare color stone lithographic advertising art and gives the first in-depth view of Florida's role in the Cuban tobacco market, German advertising art, and the world market created for cigars. This 8 1/2" X 14" paper back series represents over twenty-five years of research in Europe and the United States.


Book #1
Key West, Cigar City, U.S.A.
Origionally published in 1984 and immediately became a classic work on Florida's cultural and historical legacy. This extensively revised edition includes exquisite color illustrations of cigar advertising art and discusses Key West's international role in economic and political history, including the first successful model industrial community in the United States. 100 pages, $24.95 plus $6.83 for sales tax, shipping & handling.
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Key West Cigar City cover

Book #2
Florida's Cigar Ghost Town, Marti City
 A fascinating story of an all-Cuban industrial community of cigar workers wishing to escape the ethnic strife created between Cubans and Spaniards in Cuba and Key West. It was originally established by Ocala's Anglo businessmen as an investment opportunity in Florida's "New South" economic renaissance. The Ocala community admired and supported the lofty ideals of its Cuban neighbors but the prelude to the Cuban-Spanish American War cut off the valuable supplies of Cuban tobacco and Marti City suddenly became a Southern ghost town gone with the wind.
$29.95 plus $7.20 for sales tax, shipping & handling.
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Cigar Book cover

Book #3

Tampa Bay, Cigar Capital, U.S.A.
The story of Cuban cigar workers, Spanish cigar manufactures, and Italian immigrants who made the Tampa Bay region the leading clear Havana cigar center of Florida. By 1900 there were newly created industrial communities in Ybor City, West Tampa, Port Tampa City, and East Tampa,  planned industrial towns financed by foreign and local capital. They were instrumental in the financial support of Jose Marti and  insurrections resulting  in the Cuban-Spanish-American War. Tampa's crucial role as the "Cradle of Cuban liberty" is the basis for the last chapter.
$39.95 plus $7.95 for sales tax, shipping & handling.
Limited Hardback Edition $81.23

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Cigar Capital book cover


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